Monday, May 23, 2011

Countdown Trip

Next week on Wednesday Room 16 are taking a trip to the Countdown supermarket at West City to buy our ingredients for our Masterchef challenge.

Check out whats in the aisles... go to

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Our visit from Dean the policeman

What policeman Dean told us
When police Dean came into our class he told us that “if a car goes one-hundred kilometres an hour and a person at the back seat has no seat belt on and the car crashes into a wall, the person at the back will fly at one-hundred kilometres until that person hit some thing”. Then he showed us some different sirens, wail,yelp,high and low. What we learnt was to always put on your set belt when you are in the the car. He also told us that if you are under 148cm you should have a booster seat.
By David Li  

What we did when policeman Dean came
When  the  police  man  arrived  at  our  school  he  came  to  our  class  last .  But  at  least  he came  to  our  class  room . The  first  thing  he  told  us  was  to always wear  our  seat  belts properly . Then  he  told  us  that  we  had  to learn about road  safety. The  last  thing  he  showed  us  was  HIS  police car.  We  got  to  go  into  his  car. He  finally  showed  us  all  the  different  sirens  that  he  had  in  his  car. Then  we  did a  test  about  all  we  had learnt. But  the  bad  part  was  that  the  boys  won! The last  time  the  girls  won . I  think the  best part  was  going  in  the  police  car . The  part  that  i  loved  the most  was  the  sirens  and  they  were  the  wail, high  and  low ,yelp.  I learnt  that  everyone  in  our  class  needs  to wear a  seat  belt even  me .  
By Lorena

What we learned when police man Dean came
Police man Dean came to Room 16. First, he showed us road safety and how to cross the  road. At the end of day he gave us a challenge to see what we have learnt. The girls won       
that day and I felt happy. On the next day, he showed us car safety. He took us down to his police car! I was quite shocked. He said “always make your seatbelt click!”. We tried on the 
seatbelt. I was a bit too short. The thing I liked the most was the police car, the siren and the speaker. I learnt that I was crossing the wrong way, and now I have a new way. First you step up to the curb line,then you step back one space, check both sides of the road, then you walk across looking both sides.

By Kiara

Friday, May 6, 2011

Marvelous Maths website

Hi there Room 16,
Check out this awesome website where you can practice your maths knowledge!

If you are Year 3 go to
If you are Year 4 go to

Try out the multiplication and number pattern questions first because thats what we are learning about in class at the moment!
Happy learning...

Mrs Boric