Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sizzling Science

Yesterday Natasha came in to our class. Natasha is a scientist. She teaches at highschool. She brought in pieces of metal,some coins and two liquids. The aim for the lesson was to see chemical changes. We did some predicting. We observed that the pieces of metal were dissolving in the an acid. The coins were getting cleaner in the vinegar and lemon juice. The two liquids put together made a solid. We learnt a coin is made out of copper metal. A liquid can be an acid. By Brendan

Yesterday Natasha came in to our sizzling class. Natasha has a job that is a science teacher. She works at a highschool. She brought in two liquids in some containers,  10c coins that were dirty, little pieces of copper, metal, lemon juice and vinegar. We got a container of juice or vinegar, we put the coin in and then after a while there was no dirt  on them anymore. Then we got a container of acid  and put the piece of metal in and then it just disappeared. And we put two liquids together and it turned into a solid. They were all chemical changes. By Abbey

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