Monday, August 22, 2011

St Johns

Yesterday Room 16 went to the art room to see a lady named Olivia and she took off her work time and came to Summerland Primary. She works at St Johns.Olivia taught us how to ring the ambulance and how to wrap a bandage around a kid or teenager. We even played a game and we had to look at pictures and do actions when Olivia put up the pictures. At the end of it we got given freshly made apples.
By Baileigh

On Thursday 18th August Olivia from St Johns came in and taught us all about what to do when there is an emergency & what number to call!
It was my favourite bit of the day! She taught us how to bandage people up(we even got to bandage up a buddy!)Our class was so LUCKY we all got a bag with a magnet, pencil & sticker!
By Regan

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